June Hyjek
Author, Speaker & MindBody Coach


          "Being Grace is a beautifully written story that not only tackles body image at such a tender stage, but also shows how to rise above how others view you.  A great resource for parents, Child Life Specialists, teachers or anyone who may need to better understand and explain Scoliosis in a child-friendly manner."
Christina Dwire, Teacher & Child Life Specialist
          "if you want help becoming stronger at the broken places and finding sweet, sweet surrender and life without care, read and learn from June's experience and wisdom."
Bernie Siegel, MD, Internationally Renowned Doctor of Holistic Medicine & Author
          "This is an amazing journal of your healing journey.  It is inspiring to read of your husband's support and the support of your friends.  Your particular qualifications and expertise make this journal a rich learning experience. . .You bring a wonderful voice, tone and charm to your writing.  It is unpretentious, emotional and rich."
Writer's Digest Judge, 21st Annual Self-Published Book Awards
          "A heartfelt guide for understanding and acceptance in times of trouble.  Everyone can find themselves in this story and be encouraged to have faith in their own inner strength."
Jeanne T., Cancer Survivor
          "June's strength is in her ability to make people run towards things.  She has a talent to make people look at things in themselves that they would rather not see; ask questions they might not want to ask; feel what they do not wish to feel.  Then she brings them calm by helping them to understand they can choose to be okay.  June has the gift to help heal people."
Ralph Yourie, Author & Colleague

More reviews from Readers:

          "This book shows us how it's possible to adapt to challenging physical circumstances by adjusting our outlook beyond the physical and taking a journey in mind, body and spirit."

          "Unexpected Grace is a very inspirational book.  The trials and tribulations that the author went through and the grace and dignity she showed before, during and after show such strength and at the same time, such vulnerability.  I could relate to many things in the book at many levels."

          "With Unexpected Grace, June offers a unique recipe for healing.  She is gentle, compassionate and yet completely honest.  Her journey begins when a difficult, but fairly routine surgery becomes a life-threatening and life-changing experience.  Along the way, the reader comes to understand that pain and strife are experiences to be shared with all of those who care for and love us.  No one should suffer alone.  Finally, she brings us to a place where we may come to understand that some battles are won through surrender rather than conquest.  I found Unexpected Grace to be a truly unexpected pleasure."

          "This book had me hooked from the first page.  As June shares her amazing journey with her readers, you can't help but feel drawn into her story.  The fact that she could find humor in what she was going through is amazing.  I found myself mentally cheering June on and celebrating each of her triumphs.  Everyone can take something positive away from this book."

          "I thought I was going to be reading a book about June's journey of healing her body and mind, but this book was so much more than one woman's story.  Many of her revelations about her life caused me to pause, put the book down, and look at parts of my life in a new light.  Whether your trials in life are physical, emotional, financial, or all of the above, Unexpected Grace will resonate with you and more likely take you on your own journey to a place of 'unexpected grace.'"

          "If you have Scoliosis, back pain or chronic pain, this book is an inspiration.  If you just want to learn about living with a tough situation, this book is an inspiration."

          "Unexpected Grace is such a beautifully written and rewarding read.  June shares a very personal story of her journey through several surgeries, the outcome of each, and the harsh realities of a debilitating condition.  I love her technique of sharing emails written in the past and reflecting on them in the present.  She demonstrates an amazing perspective and an incredible sense of humor as she confronts challenges thrown at her every step of the way.  I laughed out loud in a couple parts when the unexpected happened and she put a humorous spin on the situation, taking it all in stride.  Unexpected Grace is an inspirational page turner.  All readers will find something within the pages that will speak to them. It caused me to stop from time to time and reflect on my own life and how I handle the challenges that come my way.  I look forward to June's next book, no matter what the topic is, fiction or non-fiction."