June Hyjek
Author, Speaker & MindBody Coach

Being Grace intends to raise awareness of Scoliosis and shows us the emotional consequences of the condition through the story of Grace, a young giraffe who is diagnosed at an early age.

With her curved neck, Grace finds herself bullied at school because she looks different from the other giraffes.  But her crooked neck allows her to do something none of the other giraffes can do, and she begins to understand that something that may seem wrong can actually be right.  Grace learns that all that matters is what she believes, not what other people say.  She finds joy in just being herself, and accepts that all she can do is be "Grace."

Take a journey to self-acceptance with Grace, as she realizes that perfect comes in all shapes, sizes and colors -- even crooked!

"Being Grace is a great book that provides a better understanding of Scoliosis and how to overcome how others may view and interact with you.  Grace-the-Giraffe is a great example for young children diagnosed with Scoliosis."
Ken Duke, Pro-Golfer and Scoliosis Patient

"Scoliosis is the most common spinal condition in school-age children, and this book raises awareness in the best way and in the most important place possible -- in the minds of our children.  It speaks eloquently on the topics of accepting others, bullying, and being comfortable in one's own body.  These are important messages that every child needs to hear, and Being Grace does a wonderful job of conveying them in a way that children of any age can understand."
Dr. Josh Woggon, Director of Research, CLEAR Scoliosis Institute
Unexpected Grace is an inspiring story that provides hope and comfort to those dealing with life's challenges and transitions, while offering a unique, holistic perspective on handling pain and stress.  June shares her personal journey of moving toward physical and emotional healing, following complications from a total of seven spine surgeries for Scoliosis.  Read how she draws on her expertise and learns to let go and trust in the support and love of those around her.  As you share in her story, you will share in her healing -- and you, too, may discover unexpected grace.

May my words help you to handle life's difficulties through surrender and acceptance -- without conceding defeat.  May you find the courage to be vulnerable and allow yourself to discover incredible healing and the depths of universal love.

"If you want help becoming strong at the broken places and finding sweet, sweet surrender and life without care, read and learn from June's experience and wisdom."
Dr. Bernie Siegel, Internationally-Renowned
Holistic Expert & Author

Bronze Winner, Global E-Book Contest, 2013
Honorable Mention, Global Book Contest, 2013
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