June Hyjek
Author, Speaker & MindBody Coach

As an Author, Speaker and MindBody Coach, June Hyjek offers comfort and encouragement through her books, meditations and workshops to people who are experiencing the challenges life can offer, leading them to a place of grace and peace.  Her philosophy on managing pain and stress emphasizes the emotional impact of those challenges, and the importance of creating whole-body well-being.

June is a graduate of the Advanced Training Program with the Center for MindBody Medicine, with a focus on mindbody therapies for pain and stress.  In addition to her training at the Center, she is a Certified Hypnotherapist with the American Alliance of Hypnotists, and is a Reiki Master.  June has also studied and continues to practice a wide variety of meditation techniques, including mindfulness, transcendental, Chi Kung, chanting and mantras, as well as many other eastern meditation practices.

Personally, June deals with debilitating complications from Scoliosis and has moved through the physical and emotional pain of seven spine surgeries, finding healing through mindbody approaches and the loving support of others.  Her personal experience provides the passion for her work and her speeches, which offer inspiration and hope for achieving and maintaining wellness. 


Topics June speaks on:

  • Scoliosis:  Beyond the Curve
  • Meditation for Health and Wellness
  • Food as Medicine: The Healing Powers of Food
  • What You  Think is What You Feel:  The Emotional Aspects of Pain & Stress
  • The ABZ’s of Pain & Stress:  Changing Your Outcome by Changing Your Thoughts
  • Seven Steps for Personal Growth & Optimum Well-Being
  • Understanding Your Chakras


               In June’s award-winning book, Unexpected Grace: A Discovery of Healing through Surrender, she offers hope, comfort and direction to those going through the difficulties we all face in life.  She shares her personal story of moving toward physical and emotional healing through the seemingly simple act of letting go.  June’s meditation CD, Moving into Grace, uses the imagery of gentle movement to help the listener experience freedom in the body and discover a place of center, balance – and grace.  June’s new book, Being Grace, shares the emotional consequences of having Scoliosis and coming to self-acceptance through the story of Grace, a young giraffe who is diagnosed at an early age. 


               Certified by the Aerobics & Fitness Association of America, June’s expertise also includes traditional fitness practices with specializations in chronic disease, spinal stabilization, orthopedic disabilities, eating disorders and seniors. Although recently deemed “medically retired” from an active role as a personal trainer, June continues to teach about the importance of incorporating exercise, movement and nutrition in the management of pain and stress.  She is also certified with Lee Hecht Harrison in Transition Management and with Body Balance University in Mat Pilates.  

"We are the leaders of our lives.  We get to determine what that life feels like.  What we believe or think, what we say, how we act -- these are choices we make each day, and those choices determine our experience of life.  We can live in fear, anger and pain, and suffer from holding those emotions in our bodies.  Or we can make a choice to surrender, let go, reach out and trust.  We can make a choice to feel hope, gratitude and acceptance and discover unexpected grace."
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